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General Conditions of Use (GCU)

Any natural person or legal entity, having access or allowing access to the ExpoPolis application ("the Application"), is required to read these General Conditions of Use and ensure compliance with them. This list is not exhaustive and includes compliance by its customers, agents, affiliates, etc.

The term ‘user’ refers to any natural person accessing the Application or granting access to another natural person.

To access the Application, the user must provide precise information, including their name, last name, and email address. Otherwise, access to the Application may be refused or suspended.

The user agrees to comply with the rules and limitations relating to the use of the Application, as set out in this document and the Application documentation.

Except in expressly authorised cases, any use or reproduction, even partial, of the Application and restrictions imposed by these General Conditions of Use, is strictly prohibited, and constitutes an infringement liable to civil and criminal proceedings.

No intellectual property rights, in terms of the Application or any of its third-party components, are assigned or granted to the user, other than the non-exclusive right to use the Application under the conditions and limits defined below, for which the user undertakes to comply with fully.

The user is only authorised to use the Application for strictly professional purposes.

The user agrees not to use the Application for purposes which may infringe the rights of third parties, in particular their intellectual property rights or their right to respect for private life.

It is the user's responsibility to ensure that their computer system is suitable for using the Application and, in particular, to ensure that they have an up-to-date browser. The Application publisher cannot be held responsible for incompatibilities between the user's computer system and the Application.

The user guarantees that any data transmitted or imported into the Application is free from errors, viruses, and any other illegal element, and that it is not likely to infringe the rights of the Application publisher or those of third parties. Consequently, the user is solely responsible for any damage caused by this data, or their own actions, to the Application publisher or to a third party, including the consequences of any claim that could be exercised by a third party as a result of the use of the Application by the user.

The user is informed that a prerequisite for access to the service is an internet connection. The user is solely responsible for the acquisition of any hardware and software required for the use of the Application, as well as any subscriptions to telecommunication services (internet access).

The user agrees to refrain from undermining the correct functioning of the platform which hosts the Application and to respect the intellectual property rights of the Application publisher and third parties.

A user account can only be used by a single natural person. This requires a username and password as part of an authentication procedure.

The usernames and passwords provided are confidential, unique, and personal to each user. So as to prevent any use by a third party, the user agrees to ensure the confidentiality and security of the access device. The user agrees not to disclose their username or password. In the event of accidental (loss, theft, etc.) or voluntary disclosure, the user agrees to inform his superiors as soon as they becomes aware and to immediately change their password and email address. Following authentication of a user’s username and password, the user will be responsible for all operations carried out under their profile.


It is the user's responsibility to verify the compliance of the Application with their needs, both in terms of functionality and purpose. Consequently, the Application offers no guarantee of compliance with the user's own needs, nor any guarantee that it will operate without interruption, be free of anomalies or errors, nor that any such anomalies or errors will be able to be corrected.

Security Management

The user agrees not to bypass or attempt to bypass the Application's protection systems.

Legal and Administrative authorisations

In accordance with the Application’s place of use, the user undertakes to comply with any applicable governing laws and regulations.

The user agrees to comply with all legal and regulatory rules applicable to their particular activity. They guarantee that they are in possession of all the legal and administrative authorisations required for the use and performance of their processing activities carried out by means of the Application.

Intellectual Property

In particular, the user is prohibited from:

  • any reproduction, representation, dissemination or distribution of all or part of the Application or documentation, whether in exchange for payment or free of charge;
  • any use of the Application or documentation, for the purposes of designing, producing, distributing, or marketing similar, equivalent or substitute products or services or similar, equivalent or substitute documentation;
  • any adaptation, modification, processing or arrangement of the Application or documentation, for any reason, including the correction of errors;
  • any transcription, direct or indirect, or any translation of the Application or documentation into other languages;
  • any decompilation of the Application, except in cases expressly permitted by law;
  • any use for unauthorised processing;
  • any modification or bypassing of protection codes, in particular usernames and passwords;
  • any intrusive access or attempted unauthorised intrusive access to the Application or platform.


A user's access to the Application may be suspended, totally or partially, with immediate effect and without prior information and compensation, should:

  • technical elements indicate that the confidentiality or security of a username or password have been violated or that the Application is being used, or has been used, in violation of the provisions laid out in these General Conditions of Use;
  • the user have provided incorrect information;
  • the user have not used the Application for more than ninety (90) days;
  • civil or criminal proceedings have been initiated by a third party for acts attributable to the user.

The user will be informed of this suspension by all means possible. Any suspension does not release the user from their obligations.

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